Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Links

It looks like BC will be the home team in the ACCCG so here's your wallpaper:-Check out what Bill from Eagle in Atlanta had to say about going to Jacksonville. Couldn't have said it better myself. Are you listening RFH2?
-We have no idea how this got by us but check out who Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated nominated for Sportsman of the Year 2007. Welcome aboard Chris. We'll see you Wednesday.
-Blaudschun thinks that it's too early to count Matty Ice out.
-Pete Thamel, a Ryan fan for a long time, thinks that Matty is right in the thick of the HT discussion.
-ESPN thinks that There's Something About Matt.
-Deadspin's weekend blogger likes #12.

We'll be posting every day this week with another series coming up this afternoon that will conclude on Friday. We will also update the Heisman polls when the Monday releases come out.


Chris said...

thanks rfh, no pressure on the students or anything, and yea, just an aside, you would be surprised at how many students are waiting for the orange bowl and aren't even considering going to jacksonville

RFH said...

go to bed

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