Saturday, November 10, 2007

Matt Ryan, Heisman Candidate? Part IV Why Matty Will Win

Between now and Saturday, we will be doing a little something we're calling Matt Ryan, Heisman Candidate?. It will be a 4 part series with one post each day. The schedule is Analyzing the Losses (Tuesday), Ryan at the Turn (Wednesday), Why Matty Won't Win (Thursday), and Why Matty Will Win (Saturday). Here is Part IV:

So, we were lazy/busy for the last day and a half so we didn't get Part IV up until now. Obviously, what was originally supposed to go in this space got thrown out the window. We feel sick after that loss. Once again, Matt Ryan's performance can best be described as uneven. It wasn't horrible but the INTs were killer. This loss alone would have been a bump in the road but coupled with the Florida State loss, it very well could be a fatal blow. Until the announcement is made on December 8th, there will remain a chance. So, here is why Matty win will:

1) He is everything that Heisman voters are looking for. He is a top-5 NFL pick that scouts are drooling over. He is intelligent and more outgoing by the day. He has his degree already and is generally likeable.

2) No clear candidate has emerged. Dixon and Tebow are the leaders right now but nobody has locked up the trophy yet.

3) Ryan plays on the east coast. Whether it is fair or not, playing in the Northeast and having the inside track with Boston and New York media members is huge.

4) Ryan still has 3 possible games left. If BC beats Clemson, they are in the ACC Championship Game. It still looks as if Tebow and McFadden will be sitting at home on December 1st. Winning the ACC Atlantic would give Ryan a chance to make one final statement before ballots are due.

If Matt Ryan is to have any chance at the Heisman Trophy, he needs to play lights out for 3 games and lead Boston College to the BCS. He will need to have something like 1,200 yards, 10 TDs and 0 INTs. Unfortunately, his Heisman fate will be determined not by his own play, but by the play of others. Stay tuned...


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