Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Links

Alright folks. A few days away have re-energized us and we are ready for the home stretch. The Heisman Trophy will be awarded 3 weeks from Saturday. There is plenty of time to make up ground. With that, here is an update on the usual Heisman polls:

-Matt Ryan is tied for 7th in the ESPN Heisman Watch. Dennis Dixon is the overwhelming favorite.
-Ryan is 9th according to USA Today.
-The BC quarterback is off the board according to the CBS HT poll.
-Ryan's strongest showing appears to be in the CSTV poll.
-Matty Ice is 8th on's list.
-No votes for Ryan in the nation's longest running weekly Heisman poll.


eagleboston said...

You guys might as well shut this site down. Ryan blew it in the FSU game and his picks against Maryland finished him off. He's a good quarterback, but not great. Shut the site down and focus on the team, not one individual.

RFH said...

We are going to start posting some more BC stuff that doesn't have to do with Ryan specifically. However, the goal from the second week in September was to track Ryan's progress. We still have work to do. The Heisman is probably out of reach at this point but stranger things have happened.

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