Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Links

-Check out this video for Thursday made by Vinny '03:

-If you haven't seen his video from the VT game, look here.
-The Sporting News has Matt Ryan as the #2 HT candidate.
-Ryan has gone from being projected as the third QB taken in April to being mentioned as the possible top pick. One of the biggest reasons for the jump according to people who know much more about football than we ever will? His "poor" performance last Thursday.
-The Florida Times-Union does a piece on BC's success with non-promotion.
-B-Rob says that Ryan's teammates want him to win the Heisman [apparently without using the H word]. Are BC's receivers the quickest or biggest or even best in the country? No, of course not. But these guys are not dogs and if Matty Ice is going to walk out of the Nokia Theater with some hardware it will be because of the receivers, not in spite of them.
-AC gets some well-deserved pub from his (and our) state paper.
-USA today still has Matt Ryan out in front.


Chris said...

hey vinny thanks for all the videos, lookin good, keep it up

Vincent said...

Thanks man!! Lets go EAGLES!!!

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