Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bandwagon Wednesday (10/31)

All Aboard! Not surprisingly, this is the busiest week in the history of the Bandwagon. We have once again decided to expand. We have added a furry friend for the Clydesdale as well as the first 3 women to board the bandwagon. Click on the "Bandwagon Wednesday" label for explanations on why riders were added in previous weeks. In honor of Halloween, we will also include costume suggestions for the first-time 'wagoneers. Here are the 12 new passengers for the week of October 31st:

1) Erin Andrews of ESPN: Thursday night's game will go down as one of the greatest in BC's history and Team RFH was there. Unfortunately, you don't care about our ugly mugs so someone has to represent the moment. How about the only person on the ESPN crew who didn't prematurely bury Matt Ryan and the Eagles. Besides, do we really need a reason to put Erin onboard. Costume suggestion: University of Florida Dazzler.

2) HC Jeff Jagodzinski and 3) AD Gene DeFilippo: Jags makes it on for giving Matty Ice the freedom to do something special, like he did Thursday night, as well as for his post-TD celebration. Gene makes it on for allowing BC to launch It's not every day that the school has a Heisman candidate. It's about time that they embraced it. Costume suggestion: Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari, stars of the sitcom Bosom Buddies.

4) Uga VI: The Georgia mascot climbed aboard when his bulldogs took down former HT candidate Tim Tebow. Georgia handed Florida its 3rd loss in 4 weeks when Tebow fumbled a snap in the closing minutes on Saturday. Uga is also proud to represent bulldogs everywhere. His Mississippi State cousins knocked Andre' Woodson off the HT radar screen. Costume suggestion: Krypto the Superdog. Tebow may not be Superman but Uga is our new hero.

5) Alessandra Ambosio: Brazilian supermodel: on Friday, ESPN's Pat Forde literally asked on the bandwagon. We are more than happy to oblige, with one caveat. Forde has informed us that he is too busy completing his Forde Yard Dash and that Dashette Alessandra Ambrosio will be hopping on the Bandwagon instead. Costume Suggestion: Morally challenged nurse, because every Halloween party needs one.

6) The New York Times: The newspaper of record has written about #12 all season and this week was no exception. Samplings from the past week are here and here. Costume suggestion: The New York Daily News, because for once it would be nice to read intelligent articles without having people referred to as Mr. or Mrs. ad nauseum.

7) ESPN's Michael Smith: The guys on Around the Horn were asked to Buy or Sell Matt Ryan last week. Surprisingly, all 4 panelists, including Smith, formerly of the Globe and Boston guy at heart, chose "Buy". Costume suggestion: Morally challenged Pimp, because every Halloween party needs one.

8) Mike Francesa and 9) Chris "Mad Dog" Russo: Fatso and Frootloops rarely seem to know what they are talking about and ACC football is no exception. They are important to the Ryan For Heisman movement for 2 reasons. First, they are the highest rated show on the highest grossing radio station in the country. Second, both are HT voters. Furthermore, if Ryan is going to take home the hardware, he needs to win the East. Last Friday, Mike and the Md Dog gushed about #12 and called him the frontrunner on their ballots. Like it or not, these guys have plenty of pull. Costume suggestions: Mike-Jaba the Hutt, Chris-the Taco Bell chihuahua.

10) Lee Corso, ESPN's College GameDay: Like another crazy old man who works for the worldwide leader, Corso was the voice of reason when it comes to BC last week. He gave the Eagles credit, while his co-hosts scoffed. He even took my suggestion and dressed up for the Bandwagon in his Baldwin head in honor of Halloween. Costume suggestion: Baldwin.

11) Jordana Spiro, actress: The My Boys star is the confirmed crush of's Stewart Mandel. While some Eagles fans are angry with Stewie because of what he has to say about the team, his status on the Matt Ryan bandwagon can no longer be questioned. Mandel has twice finished in the top-3 in the column category according to the awards given out by FWAA. His opinion is well respected. Spiro got the nod because Mandel's noggin is just too scary to put up there along with The Bachelor. Costume suggestion: Former CIA Agent Valerie Plame, because then maybe should could figure out a way to give Stewie the slip.

12) Tom O'Brien, Head Coach NC State: On the serious side, O'Brien has repeatedly sung the praises of Matt Ryan ever since he left the Heights. On the lighter side, does anyone really think that, under TOB and Dana Bible, Matt Ryan would be a Heisman candidate as the calendar turns to November??? Costume suggestion: Jeff Jagodzinski, because Jags is the envy of the coaching world.


Kevin said...

Make room for another spot on the bandwagon....

DC Eagles 05 said...

I know it's a nice graphic but can we please take Herbstreit off?? He clearly hates BC evident by the fact that he left us off his current Top 5.

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