Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bandwagon Wednesday

I will be doing this every Wednesday from here until the end of the season. We know that there are plenty of BC fans on the RFH Bandwagon. It is also important that we get people not directly related to BC onboard. The first two people on the bandwagon are
-Tim Russert for his Meet the Press signoff this week
-Bob Davie for talking #12 up for 3 straight hours on national tv. I know most of us don't think very highly of Bob but the prime time appearance was very important to the cause and that is because of Davie
Comment here by next week if you want to suggest the next person on the Ryan For Heisman bandwagon


Clifford said...

UHHH, RFH, are you sure that bandwagon is big enough? JTA


Vincent said...

We need to get Menino on the Bandwagon. Nothing better than the Mayor of your city campaigning for you.

Vincent said...

A couple of other things. First we need to get this website on board and start hypeing Matty.

Second I just want to let you know I would love to become part of the Ryan for Heisman team. My name is Vinny and I graduated in 2003. I am a Video Editor and acctually work for a Company out of Norwood MA who does the BC recruiting video for the football team. I have made many BC Football Highlight videos and would love to get invovled. Hit my email up and let me know what I can do.

Ryan For Heisman said...

I will be responding to you in the next day or two. Thanks for the interest.

The bandwagon is plenty big enough. This is the wagon for people with no direct ties to BC so that cuts down the # of riders. Also, I can always make the wagon bigger. Finally, if enough people want on, we'll make room. Think of the PTI set and you can get an idea of what I mean

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