Thursday, September 27, 2007

Matt Ryan Shalt Follow The 10 Heismandments

If you are not familiar with The 10 Heismandments, created by HeismanPundit, you should take a look. Chris Huston, the author of the site is a former SID at USC. He worked on the Heisman campaigns of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart and he knows his stuff. He lays out 10 guidelines which govern the way that the HT is selected. Between today (1-5) and tomorrow (6-10), I will break down the Heismandments and see where Matt Ryan fits in and what his chances might be at this point. If you agree or disagree, use the comments section to say why. Without further ado:

1) The winner must be a quarterback, a running back, or a multi-threat athlete.
Quarterback, check.

2) The winner must be a junior or senior.
Senior, check.

3) The winner must put up good numbers in big games on TV.
1-for-1, Georgia Tech, check.

4) The winner must have some prior name recognition.
The requirement is some recognition. 1+ year as a starter and a darkhorse entering the season is enough. The publicity that Ryan is getting now also works in his favor, check.

5) The winner must be one or more of the following 3:
a) The top player on a national title contender.
b) A player that puts up good numbers for a traditional power that has a good record.
c) A player who puts up superlative single-season or career numbers on a good team, or
numbers which are way out ahead of his Heisman competitors.
BC is not a traditional power, 5b doesn't apply.
There is a chance that Ryan could move way
ahead of his competitors but that is only if Brennan, Tebow, Bradford and Woodson see their passing yards go down as they navigate their conference schedules. Ryan also needs to increase the TDs and decrease the INTs, ?.
The best bet to satisfy number 5 at this point is
for BC to win out. They don't need to make it to the NC game but they need to get to the Orange Bowl undefeated, ?.

Check back tomorrow for Heismandments 6-10.


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