Thursday, September 20, 2007

Official RFH Marketing

Some people have been asking why the BC athletic department is not openly promoting #12 as a Heisman candidate. I have 3 responses to that:
1) BC is obviously getting Ryan's name out there with the ESPN chat and the national interviews. They know that attention for Ryan means attention for BC and that is what truly matters in terms of recruiting and bowl prospects.
2) BC is doing everything right. What is there to gain from an official marketing campaign at this point? It only places undue pressure on the team and its QB. If the team continues to play well and Ryan holds serve, the attention will come.I assume Florida State will be a regional broadcast on ESPN and ND and VT will be EXCLUSIVE national broadcasts. That means that everyone who gets NBC (ND) or ESPN (VT) will see #12 in action. The potential for exposure there is much more valuable than a letter writing campaign. Besides, I have no direct knowledge but I assume the days when a voter could be influenced by an official campaign are over. That is why this site is for the fans. It is not for voters or a platform to force #12 on people. It's a place to have fun and keep up with the football team.
3) I am happy that BC is not wasting $ on an official campaign right now. The money is better spent elsewhere. For example how many people support the nationally ranked Men's (13th) and Women's (8th) soccer teams?


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