Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Matt's World, We're All Just Living In It

Welcome to Ryan For Heisman. From time to time, we will be posting links and opinion dealing with the buzz around BC quarterback Matt Ryan. Feel free to tell your friends and to let RFH know what you think of the site. Here is just a sampling of what you have to look forward to:
-This piece from the Herald mentions the H word but the part that RFH loves is that #12 and his teammates are all business.
-The AP story from the GT game advises #12 to get ready for the hype.
-The Sporting News attributes Ryan's increased success directly to the new coaching staff.
-College Football Final questions what losses by Arkansas and Louisville did to the Heisman race (and #12's stock).
-The Globe has a nice piece on #12 where he tries to deflect some of the accolades.
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Gavin said...

Who cares about the Heisman? We have bigger fish to fry this year. The Heisman is a media-created award that really doesn't mean anything. It rarely goes to the best player. The less people talk about it (and the less our qb has to waste his time answering stupid questions about it, much less thinking about it) the better.

downtown_resident said...

I disagree. The Heisman may not always go to the game's best player, but it's still a hallmark of a successful college football program. And the fact that it's a media-driven award may somewhat tarnish the "purity" of the award, but also means a tremendous amount of positive attention for the player and institutions that are in the running. (Don't think for a second recruits don't notice.)

Finally, this blogger is just trying to have some fun after a very successful start to the football season-- don't be such a sourpuss.

Gavin said...

I'm not disputing that winning the Heisman can have positive effects for a program, but not more than winning does. The team has to win, first and foremost, before the Heisman is even possible. I agree that the blogger is excited, and for good reason, but I think this blog is a bit misdirected. I really don't see the point talking about it after three games. It's like talking about a no-hitter in the sixth inning - yeah, it's exciting, but what's the point? Why not debate the topic after 12 games are done? Besides, if we lose more than one game, Ryan has zero chance of winning the Heisman. Let it play out. Promoting him now is like promoting Tom Brady as the NFL MVP after two weeks. It's a pointless exercise, especially in a team sport. Not trying to be a sourpuss at all, I just think our fans should be as focused as our team is right now.

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