Friday, September 21, 2007

Links Update

-Here is a New York Times Q&A with #12. This must have been the reason that they were on campus on Wednesday. Thanks to Nick for the heads up
-A writer for CSTV did a piece on #12 and even linked to this site.


Todd said...

you need to make t-shirts! I know a lot of alums at the GA Tech game were wanting them.

RFH said...

I have ordered them. they are gold with the wordmark from my banner. I will have them a week from today. Are you in the Boston area or an expat? Let me know and we can work something out.

Todd said...

Awesome. Your graphic is the best I've seen out there. I'm in the dirty south right now, wish I were closer to BC. I'd love to have one for me and the wife too. I can definitely do paypal or sending moneyorder.

SST said...

I would like to get a t-shirt I live on the west coast and I can do paypal so if you could let me know how i could get one that would be great. I also have family at BC and they can pick me up one if its easier for you thanks.

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