Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Links

-Dennis Dodd makes up for his "Graham Harrell" comment with a funny piece on Jags that appears on the front page. The last line is great. Jags will from here on out be referred to as "George Clooney with a headset."
-ESPN has #12 ranked 7th in its Heisman Watch.
-Bleacher Report has him 4th but has many of the same criticisms as I do, namely too many INTs. Thanks to Cliff for the link.
-Here is a roundup of ESPN odds and ends:
1) Kiper still has the 3 BC guys on his top 5 lists:

  • Ryan is the 3rd QB
  • Cherilus is the 3rd OT
  • Tribble is the second CB
-On his Big Board:
  • Ryan is up 1 spot to 7
  • Cherilus is down 1 spot to 12
  • Tribble is down 1 spot to 20
2)The only chat question worth mentioning was posed to Beano Cook:
  • will tennesse: does matt ryan the qb from BC have a chance of becoming a heisman canidate

    SportsNation Beano Cook: He already is a candidate; so he has a great shot at being in NY in December.


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