Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Links and A Request

First of all, I am looking for nominees for Bandwagon Wednesday. If you have someone that you think is worthy, please send it along.
-The Heights has a piece (with a funny title) on Chris Crane.
-Blaudschun says that #12 stayed on the Heisman radar.
-Dennis Dodd refers to #12 as "Graham Harrell with a defense." I think he meant it as a compliment but it sure doesn't sound like it.
-It's funny that Dodd of all people wrote that because my buddy John sent me a link to a story from 2003 in which Dodd was quoted as saying, "The player with the best chance plays for a top-10 team, plays on television, plays well late in the season and plays a skill position."

  • Top 10 team? Check
  • Plays on TV? Come mid-October, check
  • Plays well late in the season? TBD
  • Skill position? Check


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