Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Never stop fighting 'til the fight is done..." FIXED

Welcome to the Ryan For Heisman Virginia Tech Mega-Post. We still cannot believe what happened. We were at game 7 of the NLCS last year for Endy Chavez's catch and we thought that we would never see anything as dramatic as that in person. It took almost exactly a year, but "Rattler" now reigns supreme. As for the game, people are either talking about how great a win it was or still knocking BC and saying that they played a mediocre game. First of all, people need to stop saying that Virginia Tech dominated for 55 minutes. That is simply not the case. Second, VT's 10 points were all made possible by questionable at best officiating. The TD was the result of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to Scafe that was almost laughable. He put his finger to his lips and 3rd and long became first and ten at the 11. Then, the TD was clearly not a TD. They may have still scored but they obviously did not on that play. On the FG, the pass interference penalty setting it up was weak at best. Finally, the ESPN cameras did not do the game justice. Lane Stadium was a monsoon for all but 10 minutes, the five minutes around VT's touchdown and the last five minutes. Now the pictures. Click on the images to enlarge.

The Pledge of Allegience:BC warming up: AC, 4 hours before he got a case of the Phelans: Rich Gunnell (Note: these are the only 2 players that we took close-ups of before the game): Pledge, Part II: Monsoon/ESPN's crazy camera: BC won the opening coin toss and elected to give us a heart attack for 58 minutes: Sid Vicious kicks off to start the game: If we go by all 60 minutes, the runaway player of the game:
The fans in VT deserve a break after a long year. We're just glad it didn't come Thursday:
Ryan taking the snap:
BC celebrates:
The final score: Silva and B-Rob celebrate: Silva and Razzie go up high: By the numbers: RFH2:
RFH (wearing 5 layers that weighed 50 pounds by game's end:

A video of Enter Sandman:

For more pictures (and everything else you could possibly ask for), check out Eagle in Atlanta here, here, here and here.

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Adam said...

Just a heads up, it looks like a lot of these pictures didn't upload properly into blogger.

If I had known you guys were at the game, I would have come down from section 39!

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