Monday, October 1, 2007

Saturday Pictures

If anybody has pictures of themselves in an RFH t-shirt, send it in and I will post it. Here are mine:First, here we are with Tim Russert. Russert was very nice and didn't mind that we interrupted his parents' weekend for a few minutes. Thanks again to Mr. and Mrs. Russert and Luke for letting us butt in. Also, we are hoping for a shoutout on this week's Meet the Press.
After that, my brother was walking by Alumni and ran into Matt Ryan of all people. So Matt stopped to sign a few autographs for us.
Then, Matt posed for a picture. His dad even offered to take it for us after Matty Ice suggested it. Ryan seemed a little embarrassed by the whole thing but was really nice. We just want to thank Matt and his dad for being cool about the whole thing and for taking the time to say hi.Finally, here are a few pictures of the autographed shirt.


Reggie Ho said...

where can i get one of those t-shirts?

matt said...

send me an e-mail at

The Wannabe GM said...

I just ordered 2!! I also tout Ryan fro Heisman in a weekly peice on my Blog.

Go BC!!!

Ray said...

How can I Get my hands on the tee shirt displayed in the pictures. I'd like to wear it in the Philly Marathon. By the way, I'll be with Matt tomorrow after the MD game

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