Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bandwagon Wesnesday (10/10)

The Bandwagon is starting to get awfully crowded. Click on the "Bandwagon" label for explanations on why riders were added in previous weeks. We have 5 new riders on the official Ryan For Heisman Bandwagon this week:

1) Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN's College GameDay: GameDay is the Bible of college football. You can see Herbie here say that Matt Ryan is his HT leader. That is national exposure at its best. Besides, he is playing a tuba. After all, it is a bandwagon. More after the jump...

2) David Letterman: CBS was the first, but not last, media outlet to place #12 atop its HT rankings. Letterman is a big Ball State fan and is CBS's most visible personality. It was either him or the CBS Eye.

3) The Stanford Tree: When in doubt, the HT voters hand the award to a player on a powerhouse school, even when that player might not be deserving. This season, John David Booty looked like the guy who could be the default winner. Jim Harbaugh's Cardinal eliminated that concern last week and for that we thank them.

4) Mel Kiper Jr: The ESPN draft guru has anointed Matty Ice as the top senior QB and has called him the Heisman front runner. Clooney no longer has the best hair on the Bandwagon.

5) South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier: The Gamecocks knocked then-frontrunner Andre' Woodson out of the picture for now.
Lastly, George Clooney finally has his headset.

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Alan said...

I love this feature (nice job with the all the pictures on this site), and I'm having fun watching the race from England. It's nice to be able to read about the team over at atleagle and come here to read about the race.

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