Sunday, October 28, 2007

If it's's Ryan For Heisman? and Weekend Links

-We were a little disappointed with the appearance by Tim Russert on NBC's Notre Dame pre-game show. Well, on this week's Meet The Press, Russert made up for it in spades and earned himself the position of honorary Bandwagon conductor. He mentioned Matt Ryan for the 2nd time this season, but this time he had props. Check out this video at the 48:00 mark. We promise the wait is worth it.
-Dick Weiss has played up the idea that Matt Ryan is the second coming in pieces for Fox Sports and for the NY Daily News.
-Mark Schlabach writes an excellent account of Thursday's game with the story of a crazy (or is it genius?) coach.
-The paper of record calls Matt Ryan a video game quarterback.
-The NY Post says that #12 needs to start working on a possible acceptance speech.
-He may still be down on BC but Stewart Mandel sounds like he wants on the RFH Bandwagon.
-Deadspin likes Ryan's chances but commits 2 pretty inexcusable typos.
-The News & Observer suggests that the ACC might wants to send a fruit basket to Matt Ryan.
-Pete Thamel mentions that the cops at Fenway were celebrating the heroics of Matty Ice.
-Steve Conroy says that Matt Ryan was already a HT candidate but that Thursday night gave him the required signature win.
-A nice piece on Ryan and Jags from someone who has been high on the QB since August.
-The Globe discusses where "Rattler" fits among other classic college football moments.
-CSTV has the HT as a two-horse race but puts the wrong thoroughbred alongside Matt Ryan.


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