Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bandwagon Wednesday (10/24)

First off, in the future, if my poor copy/paste skills lead to me referring to a fictional day of the week (Wesnesday)for 3 weeks straight, please give me a heads up. Second, part of team RFH will be venturing into the belly of the beast in Blacksburg tomorrow so there will be a maximum of 1 more post from now until Saturday at the earliest. Now, to the business at hand:

The Bandwagon is so crowded that we needed to expand this week. Hopefully, this won't be the last time. We want that little Clydesdale to get his workout in. Luckily for him, the bye week led to just 2 new riders. Click on the "Bandwagon" label for explanations on why riders were added in previous weeks. Here are the 2 (3?)new guys for the week of October 24th:

1) The Rutgers Scarlet Knight: This one was open to fan vote and the Knight got alomost 50% of the vote, beating out Ray Rice and the holder who threw a TD pass last week against USF. Rutgers beat the Bulls and enabled BC to move into BCS position for tomorrow night's game against Virginia Tech. Now, with a win, BC, and by extension Matty Heisman, have the college football stage all to themselves for few days. The Clydesdale was lonely so the knight brought his horse along too.

2) Chris Fowler of College GameDay: After Erin Andrews held an interview with David Wright in which he said that there is no way that BC wins at Lane Stadium (side note: you would be hard pressed to find a bigger David Wright fan than us but for the next 24-48 hours, he's dead to us), Fowler said that "if there's one QB that can do it, it's Matt Ryan." This may sound like a run-of-the-mill quote but it was pretty important. BC was getting hit hard by Wright and Craig "Pin the tail on the AP ballot" James. Doug Flutie didn't want to sound like an outright homer so he stayed silent. Fowler got the last word and earned his 'Wagoneer's license. CF has also said that if BC wins tomorrow, they will soar up his AP ballot. We have a feeling that he represents the country as a whole.

Finally, Mel Kiper has been gushing over #12 lately and is very close to being named Conductor of the Ryan For Heisman Bandwagon.

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Vincent said...

Tonight is the type of night that comes around once every few years if not more! Tonight is a night that means more than we can possibly imagine right now. Sure you say oh the Sox are in the World Series that's the big story tonight. Well I say no the big story is BC!! We have a chance to do something special tonight something none of us really thought was possible. IN FACT RIGHT NOW AS I WATCH THE SOX GAME THEY ARE PLAYING OUR SONG AS THEY SHOW THE REPLAYS!!! If we win, if we beat VTECH, we will control our destiny. We will be in position to bring our EAGLES to the next level. ;
Yes its only one game, yes there are many more tough games ahead, but this is the hardest. This has the potential to make BC a house hold name, a national name, and more importantly a long lasting power house. In five years when we are consistently a top 10 team this will be the game we point to that we can say was our National Coming out party, Seriously this is our time to shine! This is our moment!! A win tonight and you can all buy your tickets to New Orleans and Matt Ryan can book his trip to New York! So lets get behind our Eagles, lets bring home a win! LETS GO!!!
For today, WE ARE ..... BC!!!!

For all of you in the Boston area please come to THE PLACE. We will be at THE PLACE!!! They will have both games on and the BC sound! SO LETS GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!


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