Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Links

Lots to get to today...
-Here is my video of the Ryan-to-Jarvis touchdown from Saturday's game:

-USA Today calls Matt Ryan and Andre' Woodson, "front-running Heisman contenders." has MR 4th on their latest HT rankings. Dennis Dodd is a candidate for the Bandwagon after placing the BC QB 2nd.
-TheBigLead has Ryan as one of seven players who can win the HT and mentions that the schedule "gets sexier." More after the jump...
-The AP game story says that Ryan "picked apart the UMass defense when he needed to."
-A video interview with #12.
-Here is the BC question posed to Mark Schlabach of ESPN in today's chat and his answer:

Tom, Boston: How great would it be if South Florida and Boston College went undefeated and LSU and USC both lost?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Obviously, it would be great for you and other folks in Boston. But I don't see it happening. And with the way Louisville has struggled, I don't know if the Big East would be strong enough to leap S. Florida over a one-loss Pac-10 or SEC team. But with the Bulls sitting at No. 6 in the polls, they're in a nice position. Auburn's win at Florida certainly helps them. We'll see where they're at in the BCS standings in two weeks. Same for Boston College, although the ACC might be a little better than it was last year.


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