Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Morning Links

First off, yes, that pumpkin was actually carved that way. It lasted all of 3 days before going downhill.
-Matt Ryan is in the lead in the nation's longest running weekly HT poll.
-A nice story about a recent BC QB commit.
-Army S Caleb Campbell still has Matty Ice atop his Heisman list.
-Bobby Bowden says that his pick for the Heisman would be Matt Ryan.
-Virginia Tech's DC sets the record straight about his late game defensive strategy against Ryan.


jupiter said...

Ryan for Heisman? Are you kidding? Can you say "most overrated" player on the "most overrated" team? Ryan (like BC) padded his stats on mediocre competition and still couldn't put up numbers worthy of a Heisman Trophy. His TD/Int ratio (21/11) is poor, his completion percentage (59.5%) is just ok, and he's rushed for a pathetic 36 yards. He was exposed as a Heisman fraud when he completed less than 50% of his passes and threw as many ints as TD's against VT and more ints. than TD's against unrated FS. Compare his stats to 2 QB's who've faced tougher competition, Dixon of Oregon (20 TD, 3 INT, 67.9 CMP%, 549 rush yards) and Tebow of Florida (21 TD, 4 INT, 67.7 CMP%, 598 rush yards.) Ryan is a solid quarterback but not even remotely Heisman material.

matt said... you're saying he won't be getting your non-existent Heisman vote? Noted.

OHchampIO said...

My buddy back in Boston got us tickets to see your boys in the Orange Bowl, they better not dissapoint. He's banking on you guys taking the ACC. Just to let ya know i guess you can get individual tickets for the game now or at least thats what he did.


jupiter said...

Matt,I hope you take comfort in the fact that I don't have a vote. But from the latest on ESPN's Heisman Watch, look's like Ryan won't be getting a nod from most of those who DO have a vote.

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