Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Links

-A Chicago Sun-Times voter has Matt Ryan 2nd in the HT race. has Ryan 4th after Dennis Dodd inexplicably dropped Ryan from 1st and out of his top-5.
-A few notes from ESPN chats:

Joe (New York, NY):: It seems like everyone is picking VT over BC on Thursday. VT's offense vs. BC's defense has to go to BC by a landslide. Do people really believe that Virginia Tech's defense and special teams will give them enough of an edge, even going against an offense run by Matt Ryan and Steve Logan?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I like BC particularly because of Matt Ryan and their scheme on offense. They have a great screen pass package and that will be a big part of their plan against Virginia Tech. If you watched BC against Georgia Tech you see that their pass protection can handle blitzing defenses. In reality, you have an NFL QB running an NFL offense and even though Virginia Tech is good on defense, BC will be tough to defend. I do not think Tech can score enough points to keep up with the BC offense. It will be a great atmosphere, but BC will win.
Joe (Blacksburg): I have heard that Taylor is looking as though he will be ok for the game on Thursday, do you think with his athleticism, Beamer Ball, and the Hokie D that BC will take it's first loss on Thursday?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: (2:02 PM ET ) Taylor came back in a non-contact condition late last week. I think he'll probably be ready to go, but I'd expect Sean Glennon to get some snaps as well. I was up in Blacksburg the last time B.C. came into town on a Thursday night and it wasn't even close. A little different with Darryl Tapp coming off the edge, though. Hokies have to get pressure on Ryan, or he'll pick them apart. Can the Hokies do it without a couple of thier linebackers? We'll see.


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