Thursday, October 18, 2007

Notre Dame Mega Post

Lots of stuff to get to from the weekend. First of all, the Ryan For Heisman t-shirt that Tim Russert is referring to in this clip is ours. Two things about the interview were disappointing. First, Russert said that his son gave him the shirt even though that's not exactly how it happened. Second, the NBC camera man dropped the ball. TR opened his shirt to show the RFH t-shirt and the camera guy never zoomed out. All things considered, all press is good press for the RFH movement. Here is a small sampling of my pictures:

BC takes the field:

The coin-toss:

A Panoramic of Notre Dame Stadium (photo credit: RFH2):

RFH2 (in shamrock face paint) and RFH3:

Callender celebrates his 1st TD with teammates:

Touchdown Jesus:

Ryan back to pass:

The golden dome:


Baldwin and the cheerleaders:
The stadium might be on the campus of Notre Dame but Boston College owns it:
RFH and RFH2:
Finally, the videos:


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