Saturday, October 27, 2007!!!

When we started this site we wrote, "The goal of the site at this point is simply to track #12's progress and not to openly campaign. Postseason awards are not won in September and October but a SuperFan can dream." Today our goals change. As of noon today,, BC's official Matt Ryan/Heisman website will be live. It thrills us to no longer be the big fish. We have heard exciting things about their site and it will become a clearinghouse for Matty Ice information. Our sincere hope is that you keep coming to Ryan For Heisman and that you enjoy the new direction of the site even though you won't notice that much of a change. From here on out, we are officially campaigning. We are fans first and we will no longer try to suppress the urge to openly root. The Heisman Trophy will be presented 6 weeks from today at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. As of now, Matt Ryan is either 1 or 1A in the race and he has until December 8, 2007 to separate himself from the pack. Let's enjoy the ride.


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