Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bandwagon Wesnesday (10/3)

CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGEWe have 4 new riders on the official Ryan For Heisman Bandwagon this week:
1) Rocky the Bull: South Florida's mascot has been invited aboard because of the implications that his school has had on the Heisman race. The Bulls managed to knock 2 of Matt Ryan's competitors out of the HT race in one night. We will need more brave mascots like Rocky (I'm looking your way Cocky) if Ryan is going to win this thing.
2) Boston Pops Laureate Conductor John Williams: Williams, the composer of many well known film scores including Star Wars, was on campus for Pops on the Heights last week and invited fellow 'Wagoneer Tim Russert onstage to say a few words. Russert ended his performance by asking the crowd "Is Matty Ryan going to win the Heisman Trophy?" and leaving to raucous applause. Williams has also been nominated for 45 Academy Awards so he can coach #12 on the DOs and DON'Ts of major award acceptance speeches.
3) and 4) Michael Holley and Dale Arnold: the WEEI mid-day hosts had Matt Ryan on for an interview last week. Dale could not stop referring to Ryan as a HT candidate. Now that Matt is getting national attention, he needs to silence the dopes who claim that Boston doesn't care about BC football. Dale and Holley's interview helped accomplish that.


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