Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Links, Volume 2

-The nation's longest running weekly HT poll has Matt Ryan a very close second.
-Pat Forde gives a lot of ink to Ryan and the Eagles in his mid-season Forde Yard Dash.
-Todd McShay's ESPN chat involved a string of BC/Ryan questions. Here they are:after the jump

Liz (Indy): Who else is in your top 5 for Heisman?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I went with the following top 5 this week: Matt Ryan, QB, BC; Darren McFadden, RB, Ark.; DeSean Jackson, WR/PR, Cal; Mike Hart, RB, Michigan; and Daniel.

Rob RI: Is this BC team for real? What do you think about this weekends game with Notre Dame?

SportsNation Todd McShay: That's a great question, Rob. Honestly, I don't think BC is one of the five most talented teams in the country but I also can't disagree with its ranking right now, either. The polls are so upside-down due to all the upsets that it's hard to argue some of these seemingly crazy rankings.

SportsNation Todd McShay: ND is beginning to gain confidence so I think it's somewhat of a "trap" game for BC this week. It is a rivalry for BC and I wouldn't expect BC to turn the ball over seven times like UCLA; so I do think BC will come out on top. However, it needs to play a lot better than it did vs. Army and UMass to avoid the upset.

Pat (Providence): Any thoughts on "Matty Ice" and the number 4 Eagles

SportsNation Todd McShay: "Matty Ice". I love that name! Pat. I'm definately going to steal it if you don't mind?


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