Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Links

-Mel Kiper has Matt Ryan 5th on his Big Board and he says that #12 is his Heisman Front runner. More Kiper related news below.
-This Rivals piece mentions the fact that a Matt Ryan-Notre Dame relationship was a non-starter thanks to Brady Quinn. We have never liked Brady Quinn more than we do right now.
Most of the HT polls that we link to are either a major media outlet or an actual voter. This one is pretty cool so we'll make an exception.
-Nice piece here on Barry Gallup, Jr. and his relationship to guys on the BC team, including #12.
-Decent read on Matty Ice from an ND blogger. However, the writer makes the mistake of committing our biggest pet peeve. He repeatedly refers to BC as the "Golden Eagles," ugh.
-Kiper was asked a question about QBs in today's chat: More after the jump...

Mike (New York): How many QBs do you see getting drafted in the first round? Do you still rank them Brohm woodson adn then ryan?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: (1:07 PM ET ) Ryan, Brohm, and Woodson, as of today. They're the only first-rounders from the QB position. Booty is probably a second-round pick. We'll have to see how Henne plays. Brennan is a system QB, and we'll see where he goes. There's no elite QB. Nate Longshore from Cal would be the No. 1 junior QB, if he came out today. Woodson needs to have a solid game against LSU, as he did not play well against South Carolina.
Here are Kiper's Top 5's:
Top 5 Seniors By Position

1. Matt Ryan, Boston College
2. Brian Brohm, Louisville
3. Andre' Woodson, Kentucky
4. John David Booty, USC
5. Chad Henne, Michigan

Offensive Tackles
1. Jake Long, Michigan
2. Sam Baker, USC
3. Gosder Cherilus, Boston College
4. Tony Hills, Texas
5. Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

1. Mike Jenkins, South Florida
2. Chevis Jackson, LSU
3. DeJuan Tribble, Boston College
4. Terrell Thomas, USC
5. Trae Williams, South Florida


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