Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bandwagon Wesnesday (10/17)

The Bandwagon is awfully crowded. Click on the "Bandwagon" label for explanations on why riders were added in previous weeks. We have 4 new riders on the official Ryan For Heisman Bandwagon this week:

1) Jesse Palmer of ESPN's College Football Live: The Bachelor has been all over ESPN for the past week. On more than one occasion, he has gushed over Matt Ryan and said that the BC QB is the Heisman frontrunner. If actual HT voters are going to catch on, the mainstream media has to lead the charge. More after the jump...

2) Mike Wilbon of PTI: On the mini-PTI during Monday Night Football, the question was whether Ohio State or USF was more likely to make it to the BCS Championship Game. Wilbon said "neither" and Kornheiser asked who would. Wilbon replied, "Boston College. Could this be the year in New England?" Goodnight Canada.

3) Benny Beaver: Oregon State pulled the improbable upset over Cal on Saturday night. The only way that Matt Ryan wins this thing is if BC wins out. It doesn't hurt the RFH movement if the Eagles get NC attention. With a win, Cal would have been atop the BCS standings and BC would be 4th. Instead, BC is on the doorstep.

4) The Great State of New Mexico: Tommy Trujillo of The New Mexican is the only AP voter to give his first place vote to BC so far. When the rest of the voters catch on, Trujillo can say that he was the first one on the bandwagon.


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